Chronic Pain

The American Academy of Pain Medicine reports that chronic pain affects 100 million Americans and 1.5 Billion worldwide. More people experience this ailment in comparison to Diabetes (25.8 million Americans), Coronary Heart Disease (16.3 million Americans), Stroke (7 million Americans), and Cancer (11.9 million Americans).
Treatments tend to be expensive due to the specialization of the issue.

Struggling with chronic pain myself, I can understand some of the daily challenges and experiences of those who are affected. People who do not experience chronic pain or do not know someone who experiences chronic pain may have difficulty understanding.

Some Symptoms:
-Depression symptoms
-Anxiety symptoms
-Social Anxiety symptoms/Isolation
-Agoraphobia symptoms/avoidance of leaving one’s home
-Fibromyalgia/Chronic pain that is real and does not have a specific treatment and no known  cause
-Functional Neurologic Disorders/Conversion Disorder