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Mental Health Professionals and Counseling Centers

Life Gets Better Together Counseling
Renee Baker, Ph.D.EE, LMT, LPC
(214) 607-5620
Feleshia Porter, MS, LPC-S
(214) 904-8222
3530 Forest Lane, Suite #55
Dallas, TX 75234

Monica Coulter, MA, LPC, PLLC
6800 Weiskopf Ave. Suite 150, Office 104
McKinney, TX 75070
(469) 640-6217

Lynn Winstead, PhD, LPC
(214) 727-4931

Spanish Speaking Counselor
Horizon Counseling Center
Dr. Milagros Lozano PhD, LPC
2300 Valley View Lane, Ste. 216
Irving, TX 75062
(972) 342-7872


Asad Isam, MD
4100 Fairway Dr.
Carrollton, TX
(469) 322-9202

Steve Tankersley
(214) 528-9240

Websites for Disability Benefits
Disability benefits guide
US Disability benefits guide
Social security disabilities benefit calculator
The Ultimate Guide to Social Security Disability Benefits

Resources for Students
The Best Scholarship Search Platforms of 2017

Business Information for the Disability Community
Business Ideas for People with Disabilities

Resource for Health
Best Medical Insurance Companies
Sjogren’s Syndrome

Resources about Rxs
RX Dangers
Drug Dangers
Recall Report

Resources for Addictions
Drug Rehab website
Advanced Recovery Systems
Rehab Center website
The Recovery Village
Rehab: Dallas, TX
Recovery: Dallas, TX
Addiction and sleep
Addiction Center
Rehab Detox

Karen Langsley
Austin, TX
(512) 563-8727

Katie Sprinkle
(214) 814-5960

Jaime Dugan
(214) 494-1647


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